Share Certificates


Succeed Online can act as your Company Secretary and issue Share Certificates to whom required. A Share Certificate is a document proof of shareholding.

There may be no duplicate Share Certificates and any changes in shareholding must be recorded in the Company’s Share Register.


Share Certificates

Succeed Online can act as your Company Secretary and issue Share Certificates to whom required.

A share certificate is a document that provides the crucial information of the number of shares owned by a particular shareholder within the company. On this document, some of the key points that would be covered are the shareholder’s name, address and the number of shares registered to the person.

Shareholders typically prefer to have a physical copy of their shares on hand for any future negotiations and to estimate the worth of their shares. There may be no duplicate share certificates at any time. Old certificates need to be destroyed when new ones are issued. The share register must keep track of the change of shareholding over time.

Why request a Share Certificate?

You might need share certificates for a wide range of purposes, however for the most part it acts as a physical representation of the shares owned by the shareholder. This would be deemed “necessary” if you have multiple shareholders who require physical proof of their shares.

However, there are other uses for Share Certificates as well

  • Banks – For the most part banks requires new companies to provide Share Certificates when opening a bank account for the company.
  • Share exchanges – If there are any shares to be transferred, the original documentation will be required.
  • Courts – If a dispute arises, this document acts as legal proof of ownership.

What we provide?

Our company can adapt a secretarial position and do all the necessary paperwork on your behalf as your Company Secretary. These certificates need to be prepared in accordance with the Companies Act of 2008. It is important to follow the requirements to the letter as a failure to do so could render the share certificates invalid in court.

Our services ensures that all Share Certificates will be validated through the Companies Act of 2008 and can provide shares to multiple members/directors.


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