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Deregistration of a Company / Close Corporation

De-registration occurs when a company ceases to operate and needs to remove themselves from the official records. There are many reasons as to why a company may stop all activities such as inadequate assets, the lack of assets or that there is no reasonable probability of the company being liquidated.

Why deregister your company?

As mentioned, for the most part people who consider this option has decided to cease to conduct business in the name of the company. Whether for tax purposes or legal issues, it is necessary to de-register your company to remove any and all responsibility towards the company.

Requirements to deregister your company

The entire process might seem tedious to the untrained eye, however we pride ourselves in the ability to provide quick and easy resolutions to the deregistration process. What we will need is to create a letter to CIPC which will include statements regarding; the confirmation that the business is no longer operational, that is has no assets or inadequacy of assets, signatures of all active members and the contact information of the company.

In addition, we will need the tax clearance certificate or a letter from SARS confirming that no tax liability is outstanding and a Certified ID of all signing members. With this information, we will be able to complete the process on your behalf.

If you need to deregister a company today, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you out.


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